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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I finished up After The Silence today and I'm thrilled with it.  Then again I always am until I do the final proof and edits and see all the plot blunders.

One of the first things I usually do when I start to work on a new story is google the name - I mean do you want to be the author of the second "New Moon" ?   Uh, no!
I didn't do this with my new trilogy I've been plotting and of course after I plastered it on my web site and mentioned it here numerous times I google it.  The trilogy name is already taken as was the name of the first book in it!   
So the trilogy I had named Sisters of Heart is now Sisters Within Magic  and book I that I had titled The Witch that lies Within is now The Witch Descends.

Now that I have those little details out of the way I can finish the writing part.

Happy Wednesday!

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