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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random pic Sunday & I'm back!

I have not been neglecting the virtual blogosphere..
For the last three weeks I've been hip deep in work

trying to get caught up on everything so I could run away
and hide up north for three days!
I'm back - a little sore, a little sunburned but much more
relaxed then when I left.
We did some canoeing, some hiking (of course a four hour
trail might have been a bit much to start with considering we 
thought it was a moderate level trail but then found out afterward it was a difficult level trail - but we prevailed!) and a lot of sitting doing nothing but watching the trees sway in
the breeze.

Here's the picture story version of part of our adventures:

 After you trek down "the easy start of the trail" it helps fill
you with a false sense of being in better shape than you
thought you were ... and then the hard part begins
Going back up...
and further up....
up with obstacles ....
after and hour of down and an hour of up we found this
perfect little place to rest
(at this point we were thinking we had this thing beat)


and still we go up

Just before this part there were stairs - a lot of stairs
as it went straight up the side of rock.  We were fooled into
thinking the stairs would be a wonderful thing - we were wrong!
To get up them we stopped at least five times and were all ready
for a nap by the time we reached the top.

2 1/2 hours later we were rewarded with this view.

an escalator right here would have been perfect
when we realized we now had to go back down to get
back to where we left the car.

Almost four hours from when we began, just under 8KM (5 miles)
later we got back to the car - deciding next time out we were
going to read ALL of the description of the trail before we
skipped down the path leading up into the wilderness.

I'll have more to post this week, some exciting guests coming
up and hopefully some good news on a few other things!

I was just informed that I needed to at least put a picture of myself
on my blog from the trip, so here's me taking a much needed rest
with one of my girls.

Jacqueline Paige

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