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Friday, July 29, 2011

Why paranormal?

I'm often asked "Why paranormal?"  My favorite answer
is because there are no 'written in stone' rules.  For the
most part my characters come right out of my imagination
and because of that I can have them do just about
anything I want. 
This morning (just before dawn) I found a better
way to explain why ...
I can take something that seems to be fairly normal
and turn it into something more.

Do you see the face in the sky?
Here's another shot of it...

If you don't see it, that's fine, you're forgiven.
When I saw that face I could only wonder what
it was bringing ...
As it turned out it brought much needed rain 
to my little town where our grass is brown and
sounds like rice krispies when you walk on it.
It's still raining and it is a very welcome thing as
we've only gotten a few minutes of rain all summer!

I wasn't exaggerating about the brown grass!

Here's wishing everyone gets the perfect weather
they want for this long weekend (in Canada)!

I'll see you on Sunday over at the LASR blog
where 20 authors will be sharing the blog -
stop by and grab up some of those giveaways!!

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Jacqueline Paige

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