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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sign me up for a little piece of serenity please

I completely missed Monday - again!   I did get home
on time from my little escape, but then Monday morning
arrived and I was lost in the getting up to speed at
work all over again.  

Our little break was wonderful, so much so that I didn't want
to come back.  Looking out the window and seeing tranquility
was a hard thing to walk away from.  We've already planned
out return trip for the spring and maybe one during the winter 
if life allows it.

Below are a few pictures of the silence I had to leave behind...

Back to reality here ...  I dived right into edits when I finished
unpacking, nothing kicks the brain back into work mode like
edits! The second story in Curses - This Ring - is well into being 
transformed into readable and I should have a release date for
that in the next few weeks.

Now onto giving away an e-copy of Dreams ... all you have to do
is comment on this blog (with an email address) to be entered.
I'll draw the winner on Thursday!

The view from our little deck in the morning

From the dock below our deck
(very appropriately named "Clear Lake")

The reflections in the water were like this all day, it was

And now back to my regularly scheduled reality...

Jacqueline Paige



  2. love the pics

  3. Thanks!
    I'm not sure which ones I took or my hubby, but they're all good shots.


  4. You could turn one of those pictures into a book cover.

  5. I could, Katz, and in fact have.
    The cover of Curses is one of the lake shots my hubby took last year and I've used various other parts of our trip pictures on banners before.