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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guest Author LK Rigel

Today I have the pleasure of having Author LK Rigel
here at my blog with a peak into her book Give Me : a fairy tale.

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Thanks for stopping by today, LK.

Thank you, Jacqueline, for hosting the Give Me, A Fairy Tale blog tour here at All Things Paranormal. This is the fourth scene of Piccadilly Woo, a story from the world of Give Me.

Piccadilly Woo – scene 4

Dan led Beverly to the fountain. Two couples stood up to make room, the people that had been making out in broad daylight. Two of them, a guy and a girl, wore corded chokers. Their partners looked quite upset at having their fun interrupted.
Normally, Beverly would suggest they get a room, but she felt the same way. First Dan, then Aubrey, and now Dan again – her body had responded to them both with bewildering heat.
The guy with the choker started to speak, but Dan stopped him with the same growl he’d used on Aubrey. “Be off.”
The two in chokers led their partners away but glanced back at Beverly with approving grins.
“What is it with those necklaces?” It was a relief to have Dan beside her and to feel the rush of desire when they sat down and his thigh touched hers. “Cissa said you came to London to play. Are you all in a club?”
“Cissa shouldn’t be talking.” He brushed a stray lock of hair out of her eyes and ran his fingers down her cheek. “She likes you.”
“You’re not like Aubrey,” Beverly said. “There’s kindness in you that he lacks.”
“Kindness.” Dan chuckled. He stared at her lips and traced them with a finger. “I wouldn’t go that far.”
She wanted him to kiss her. Dan was vital and young. Lord Dumnos’s opposite.  This was what she’d come to London to find out: Whatever happened, she could never marry without love. Without passion.
“Kindness isn’t a quality found in my people.” Dan dropped his hand and moved away, though his thigh still touched hers. “Aubrey is a special case. It’s not a good idea to let him play with someone from Tintagos.”
“Why?” Was that the only reason Dan had stepped between her and Aubrey, because she was from Tintagos?
“A long time ago, Aubrey loved a woman named Frona who lived near Tintagos. When she died, he lost any part of him that could be mistaken for kindness. My people rarely love, but I believe he truly loved her. We live secluded, but at this time of year we come out into the world to enjoy and experience others. Aubrey keeps trying to recreate the feelings Frona stirred in him. But he knows that even if love comes to us once, it never comes twice. If Idris would let Aubrey visit Tintagos, I don’t think he’d be so messed up.”
“Why? And who is Idris?”
“Idris is our leader. And Aubrey has a daughter in Tintagos.”
“What’s her name? I wonder if I know her.”
“Not likely. She’s called Elyse. She lives in the cottage at the edge of the woods.”
“Oh, yes! I always forget about that place until someone mentions it. According to legend, a wyrding woman lives there.”
“Just so.”
“Great gods.” Beverly’s heart pounded. “Are you telling me that you and your people are wyrders?”
Dan burst out laughing. It was a relief that the thought was so ridiculous to him. But of course it was ridiculous! She must still be a little high from the brownie.
The music stopped, and Cleopatra and the Romans packed up their instruments. Daylight was fading, and the neon signs came on.
“Did you come to London to play?” What Beverly really wanted to ask was Have you ever loved?
“No.” Dan laughed. “I came to make sure Cissa doesn’t get into too much trouble. And I came as a tourist, to see the Anteros, for example.” He pointed to the statue above the fountain. “And there’s a display I want to see at the V&A.”
“Anteros?” Beverly said. Isn’t that Eros, the god of desire?” Her face flushed at the word.
“Many think that,” Dan said, “or that it’s a cupid. Anteros is Eros’s twin. He’s the god of mature, selfless love.”
Not like the selfish desire that’s about to consume me this moment.
“This concept is unknown to my people,” Dan continued. “It fascinates me.”
“You keep saying my people like you’re from a foreign country,” Beverly said. “Cissa said you’re from Dumnos.”
“Cissa said a lot, it seems.” Dan stood up. “I’m going over to the V&A. They’re showing Bausiney’s Abundance.”
“The faerie cup? I can’t believe Lord Dumnos let them have it.”
“It’s the chance of a lifetime,” Dan said. “It’s never left Faeview since some idiot left it there on Halloween a hundred years ago. Do you want to go with me?”
“Sure.” Beverly still needed to get a place to stay the night, but she’d deal with that later. She accepted Dan’s outstretched hand and tried to control the longing that coursed through her at his touch.

A young witch with a good heart. Two lovers in mortal danger. A spell that ends in disaster. 

Lilith Evergreen lives in the California desert, an ordinary woman until her fiancĂ© returns from London with a ring he bought from a street vendor. When Lilith puts it on she dreams of a green land that's anything but desert, a tree at cliff's edge, a ruined castle, and a handsome prince. 

Then she discovers that it's all real. 

When Lilith visits the ruins of Tintagos Castle, she discovers a world of magic and love - and its dark side when she's entangled in the remnants of an ancient spell gone bad. From the moment Lilith sees Cade Bausiney, she's overwhelmed with desire for him. Cade is drawn to Lilith too - but their feelings might only be sparked by dark and dangerous magic.

Lilith and Cade must break the old spell or be forever possessed by spirits who've waited a millennium to consummate their love.

About LK

LK Rigel lives in California with her television-watching cat, Coleridge. (His favorite show is Castle, but he was enthralled by Game of Thrones.) Rigel wrote songs for the 90's band The Elements, scored the independent science fantasy karate movie Lucid Dreams, and was a reporter for the Sacramento Rock 'N Roll News. Her work has appeared in Literary Mama and Tattoo Highway.

Rigel writes the postapocapunk "Apocalypto" series about the end of the world and the new reality in which the gods return to save humanity from itself - and end up fighting with each other.

Her short story "Slurp" about an author with muse problems on Halloween is included in DEADLY TREATS, Anne Frasier's Halloween anthology published by Nodin Press.

Her latest book, GIVE ME, is an adult fairy tale about possession.

Amazon page 

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