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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to normal

I'm very excited that the Christmas holidays are over!
The kids went back to school yesterday and everything should
go back to normal.  Work will settle back into routine with
all the families home and not passing through my little sleepy
town on their way to the mountain.  All will be semi-peaceful until
the spring break hits, well, that and weekends ...

I sat down last night and went over my calendar for 2012 and
can't believe how busy it's going to be on the writing side for me.
I know, I know I signed contracts and did the happy dance for
a few weeks, but the reality of the work involved didn't hit me
until I looked at the large picture.  If I'm missing for long periods of
time, there is a very good reason for it.

In five days time From Beltane Magic is out and then the adventure
begins!  With a new release every other month until September I
am going to be a very busy person!

I tried to not get sucked into any new plots and projects,
but failed miserably on that front with two new stories to get
ready for submission and three already on the editor's desk, the rest
of the year may fill up shortly.

Now, I must get off the net and get going on some edits that are
calling my name.  

Jacqueline Paige

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