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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest author L.J Kentowski

Today I have author L.J Kentowski on the blog
while on tour for her book Guardian of Fate.
LJ is going to be giving away an ebook today, so make sure
you comment below.

I want to thank you for having me on the blog today! It’s truly an honor to be here with you and all of your followers!

The Guardian Of Fate Tour is obviously meant to center around my novel, but I wanted to take a step back and talk a little bit about what inspired my writing journey to begin with – my love of reading. I’ve been an obsessed reader as far back as my memories can take me. There is nothing more thrilling and relaxing to me than opening a great book and diving into another world, filled with people who become such a part of your life that you feel like they are a member of the family (some of these family members must remain distant, however; I could get in some big trouble with the hubby otherwise). Throughout my very short life (see my creativity here?), I’ve gained a ton of favorites that I’d like to share with all of you. I’m sure a lot of you will know them and can relate. Because I don’t want to clog up my gracious host’s blog space, I’ve narrowed it down to my top five.

L.J.’s Top Five Book Series

1.      Fever series by Karen Marie Moning – This series had me breathless, mindless, and speechless! I devoured these books and couldn’t concentrate on anything else throughout my days. I’m sure there were permanent drool marks left in my wake. The world that Ms. Moning created is beyond brilliant, and the characters are so diverse and unique. The mystery behind this world and each character kept me turning the pages to reveal just a little more. How addicting! I’ve been known to irritate the hell out of people around me when I dissect mysteries and play who-dunit or who-is-it before the end. This one had me guessing until the bitter end, and I loved the author for it. And for my last reason this series is #1 in my book – Jericho Barrons.
2.      Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews – Another great world built by a pair of authors that really know how to write. I was amazed and drawn into Kate’s world right from the start. This series has it all with witches, shapeshifters, vampires, demons, and more. And each supernatural category is so well represented that we have no doubt that they exist. I also love Kate and Curran’s relationship. I’m one of those ‘tension-hungry’ kind of people that thinks romance heats up best when the tension has reached its peak. Can’t wait for the next book in this series!
3.      Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost – Oh, Cat & Bones, how I love you both! These vamps had me at ‘I vant to bite your neck’. Not really, but from the 1st paragraph of this series I was hooked. The plot in book 1, Halfway To The Grave, was unlike any other vamp novel I’ve read. The tension in their relationship, or non-relationship, was so hot, I almost needed restraints to stop me from reading ahead. And each book after seemed to get better and better. Cat’s adventures are fantastically exciting and I love her snarky attitude. Another series that’s got me chompin at the bit to read more!
4.      The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins – I admit it, I don’t read half as many YA novels as I should. I’ve just always been drawn into the adult paranormal worlds (I think it has to do with some of those steamy scenes). I had Hunger Games on my ereader forever, before the hype over the movie finally got me to read it. And when I did, I! This woman can write! I was jaw-drop, amazed at this story. The creativity and genius of the entire plot was just plain brilliant up until the very end. Needless to say, this series has me looking at many more YA novels than I’ve ever done before.
5.      Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich – This is the only non-otherworldly series of my list. If you haven’t read this series, I’m telling you, go now! These books are hilarious! Stephanie Plum is a girl after my own heart with her sarcasm and survivalist attitude. A girl, down on her luck, fumbling along as a bounty hunter, leads to sheer insanity and amazing stories. This is a series that has me reading out loud to my husband, while snorting milk through my nose, as he looks at me as if he has no clue of what I’m talking about. My point? There are so many lines in these books that will have you laughing out loud and wanting to repeat them.

So those are five of my favorite series of all time. This post could have easily been titled “Works By Authors Who Have Inspired My Writing”, because whether I read them before or after I wrote my first novel, they got my juices flowing. And I mean that in a very creative kind of way. These authors know how to make an unbelievable story so believable, and they do it with class.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite picks. Have you read any of them? What did you think? Are they on your ‘favorite’ list? If you haven’t, I hope I led you on to a great series.

Thanks for stopping by on my tour! It was a pleasure being here with you all!



Guardian Of Fate
L.J. Kentowski
Fate Series, Book #1

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0615581514

Number of pages: 302
Word Count: 78,483

Book Description:

Fear of death is all too common. Visions of it chill the bones and skip heartbeats. Seeing it coming and knowing only you can rescue the soul of the victim from the fiery bowels of hell…that’s downright life-altering.

Cassandra Cosgrove’s life was altered at the age of sixteen when she found out that it was her responsibility to save the lives, and ultimately the souls, of innocent victims targeted by Hell’s demons. As impossible as it seemed at first, she was able to live a fairly normal life, while secretly fulfilling her obligation as a Guardian of Fate.

But years later Fate has its own plan when her visions begin drastically changing at the same time two mysterious men appear in her life. Cassandra suddenly finds herself caught in a battle between good and evil, with her own soul on the line. When it seems everyone in her life has a secret they’ve been hiding from her, who can she trust to be the Guardian of her Fate?

Author Bio:

L.J. Kentowski is living in disguise as the author of her debut novel, Guardian Of Fate, working diligently on the subsequent novels in the Fate series. Her true identity as Supermom and Superwife, living in the Midwest with SuperDog must never be revealed without security clearance. Every day, after tucking in her 6yr old talking prodigy, she rips off her cape and delves into the world of angels, demons, and the in-betweens.

 Thanks for stopping by LJ :)


  1. Great post, LJ! I've read four of those series, and LOVE them all. I have the Fever series on my gargantuan TBR list, but I guess since it's your number one, I should move it to the top!

    1. The Fever series is definitely my all time fave Laura. I recommended it to a friend who finally got to it recently and she couldn't stop thinking about the books! They consumed her just like they did me. Let me know what you think of them too if you read them. Thanks for coming by Laura!

  2. Jacqueline I want to thank you so much for having me on today! It truly is an honor.

  3. You're very welcome, LJ!

    Great choices for reading btw.
    Also I'd like to put out there that I have read your Guardian of Fate and I LOVED it! It made me lose a nights sleep because I had to finish it. I can't wait for the next one.


    1. Oh, you just made my day :) Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it and... um... I'm kind of happy I made you stay up LOL I've been eyeing up your books in the last few days as well, so I'll definitely be adding them to read!

  4. LOL
    In my world (that I think of as the chaos realm) it takes a great book to deprive me of the few hours I set aside for sleep. ;)

  5. Hahaha, I think I know your world. I agree 100%!