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Friday, January 27, 2017

When all you can do is try to survive…

I have so many "pretty" banners and things to go with my books now ... fair warning I will be splashing them where ever I can 😛

10 chapters FREE!

After the Silence Volume 1 – Bree

One woman’s journey through the chaotic new world.

When Mother Nature decides she’s had enough and begins to fight back, survival takes on a whole new meaning.

Those left standing make the paths for the future generations.

Bree Taylor is the last survivor of her family. With no other choice she sets off on her own to escape the clutches of the new government. Living in a world of unstable climate changes becomes a journey she won’t soon forget. 

She has to be prepared for anything in the new country and be wary of every person she meets. All while staying out of the path of the new army: one that does not believe in the values of safety and security. An army answering only to the highest bidder, tasked with rounding up the survivors of the virus. A virus that is as vicious and random as the dramatic changes to the land and climate. Leaving trails of dead and mutated survivors in its wake.

If the earth is the enemy – there are no rules and all you can do is try to survive the odds.

(Exclusively at Jacqueline’s Website)

Running in snow this deep was like running through water. If your feet didn’t clear it you got nowhere. I hadn’t stopped long enough to measure the height of the men quickly gaining on me, but I was fairly certain their long legs would move through this snow faster than my own.
As I hit the tree line again, I hesitated long enough to pick a direction. Kismet and I had been through this area enough times I knew most of it without thinking now. Slipping in the snow I changed directions and headed towards the hill that led to the river bed. If I could out-maneuver them in the densest part of the trees I might just be able to put a big enough gap between us that they’d give up.
Chancing a glance over my shoulder I noted one thing. They were large enough it would take four of me to make this anywhere near equal. My heart was thrumming, pumping blood through my veins in a chaotic beat. A part of me knew I couldn’t outrun them, but I had to try. Turning, I bolted back towards a tight grouping of trees. I could hear the pounding of their feet hitting the ground behind me and had one second to regret the one time I didn’t let Kismet come with me. He would have evened the odds.

Volume 2 KANE will be released later in 2017
Two sneak peeks of Kane have been published in novella format for a limited time, but the rest hasn't been released yet. 


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