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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday's Book Hook - Cafe Serenity #MFRWhook #MFWRauthor

When he lowered his hand from her mouth, as if testing to see if she was going to scream it dawned on her what was happening. “I guess you didn’t do your research,” she whispered roughly. “Because if you did, you’d know none of that supernatural gobbley-guck works on me.”

The hand that had been over her mouth wrapped around her throat in a hold tight enough to prevent her from swallowing. “Vampires can’t compel me. Spells don’t work on me,” she gasped. “I’m completely resistant to your kind.” 

Café Serenity

When Paranormal meets Normal, the last thing you’ll find is Serenity. 

Something in Riverside is attacking those connected to Café Serenity, one of the local hangouts.

The not-quite human owner and her misfit group of anything but human friends and employees band together with the police to solve the mystery.

Simple task: just work with or around the Paranormal council of Elders, discover unknown soul mates, protect each other, and do it all without arising the suspicion or notice of the normal in town.

Just another day at Café Serenity.

Café by day … bar by night ... Vampires, Were, shifters, witches, trolls, demons, fey … and more all under one cover. 


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