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Monday, March 13, 2017

Running to catch up...

I haven't had a lot of time to keep up on blog posts since I decided to climb back into the world of writing. Having decided to completely rework several books, covers, content, promotion and all the other bits that go along with that ... all while writing new stories... lets just say I'm running to get ahead of the game! 

I may almost be winning the race at this point.  I just finished the third book for what was the Animal Trilogy and decided there will be more than 3 books in that series.  There are just too many wonderful characters to write just three stories.  SO stay tuned for those.

Many covers have been redone, even for books not being re-released with new content - so before you message me in a panic, keep that in mind. It takes time for vendors to get updates out there.  (and time for me to get the new versions up on my site and blog) 

My next few books you will see are as follows:




For a complete list check out my website (I have had time to do that) COMING SOON


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  1. Welcome to Book Hooks. Best of luck resettling back into the writing world. Tweeted.