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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

Before I get lost in the rush of last minute
things I thought I'd better wish everyone
a wonderful and safe holiday!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jacqueline of all trades

I had to share an article from the Dining and the Arts

This is the first time I've had an article written about me and I have to
say during the interview I wasn't quite sure what to 
expect as the end result.
I have to say I was very pleased with the finished
I really love the title too!

Dining & The Arts Magazine - Patchell Media

To go to the article click on the logo.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

After the Silence

Sometimes my muse refuses to follow schedules
I have penciled in.  On my to-do list it says I am
supposed to be working on various edits and writing
The Witch the lies Within (this is the second title when
I discovered The Witch Within had been used - several
times).  I was working on it when scenes from another
story started popping into my head..
So in the last two weeks I've done nothing with The Witch
but have taken After the Silence from the 900 word start to
over 30,000 words ... and it just keeps going!
I'm not sure why my muse feels this one has to be done
NOW but I'll take it.

After the Silence is not like anything I've written before,
there are no witches, curses or magic (that I know of)
it takes places in the near future when the world starts to
change and become a place not so comfortable to be in
or safe for that matter.

I thought I'd post a bit of it here and there to make up
for not finding the time to keep my blog up-to-date ...

Keeping in mind all of this is very rough and not
edited in any sort of way...

After the Silence
I was nineteen when the world went crazy – nothing that was would ever be again.

Remnants of a familiar world did remain, but not enough to instill those warm fuzzy feelings you get when life is comfortable.

I’m Bree Taylor and this is my story of how my life changed forever.

The years leading up to my nineteenth birthday were relatively ordinary, probably similar to your own.  The news broadcasted from time to time was of tragedy or natural disaster, but no one ever really took any of that as a sign of what was to come.

Things began to change and at first it still wasn’t anything I would call alarming.  Gradually over a year tragedy after tragedy grouped together started the spiritual fanatics harping that life was forever changed. Of course anyone that looked out the window or read a newspaper knew this, so really their spiritual connections weren’t giving them a special kind of heads up.  It wasn’t just the more frequent tornadoes, earth quakes where there had never been any before and flash floods in the oddest places that had everyone, including my family start to wonder, it was the weird fluctuations in the weather that brought most to the point of accepting some sort of abnormality on the planet was going on.  The skeptics even began to sit up and pay attention, finally admitting that a thing such as global warming might be a possibility.  When sink holes large enough to swallow whole blocks began to appear all the warning bells were ringing loud and clear.  My own thoughts, then, was Mother Nature had decided to fight back.  I know I would if you tore me down, used me up and polluted me at the rate the human race was to the earth.  I’d be more than pissed off enough to take something back and make a very loud statement.  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

4 Cups for Mystic Perceptions

Mystic Perceptions received a 4 cup review at
Coffee Time Romance

"This is a very well crafted and suspenseful story with an interesting paranormal twist. Jac's ability to read objects and people is both a gift and a curse to her. Reid's avoidance of people is a result of a failed relationship. Reid and his partner Brent's personalities are very different, adding another perspective to the investigation. The author does a great job of developing both the investigation and the relationship between Jac and Reid. I love a good suspense story and did not put this one down until the last sentence."

Available at Class Act Books in e or print format.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

November's draw!

Now that I've finished NaNoWriMo I will 
have more time again.

I'm very happy that I finished with 51,915 words
before the deadline.  Of course at this point I 
haven't really read through the entire thing and it
could be 30,000 words worth of typo's.

To celebrate achieving NaNo for the third year
in a row I popped over to Random generator 
and have the winner of November's draw at my

The winner is : Jellybelly82158

Email me with the title of the PDF you would 
like from my books listed on the right of my blog.
and I'll get that to you.

Now I'm going to go give my poor fingers and
brain a must deserved rest!!!!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Research Donation

I did not intend to vanish for a week, but a few
things were tossed in my direction and I had no
time to spare for anything.  Hopefully I've got all 
that covered now and will have more time for
the things I'd like to be doing.

Last week I mentioned I had another post that was
of a much more serious nature than donating money
to NaNoWriMo, and this is what I was talking about.

 Salvation’s dedication:
For Dee
Your courage and determination
makes you one of my heroes.

While I was writing Salvation my mind wasn’t 100% on sexy pirate ghosts, during this time something very real and very serious was going on in my world.  My eleven year old niece was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  I was astound with the news of how my strong, healthy niece could just suddenly ’not feel well’ and have such a thing!

 For the next year she sat in a hospital undergoing the many branches of her treatment plan.  Each time she came home, we all prayed it would be for longer than the time before, but that didn’t happen.  Her parents spent that year driving back a three hour drive to take turns to be with her, often times having to rush back when she developed another symptom or side effect.  She lived in a world without all of her friends and school for most of this year, battling all sorts of illnesses because of the A.L.L.  She watched several other children go on to become angels in the leukemia fight.
On her twelfth birthday she underwent a bone marrow transplant and as a result of this life saving procedure had to spend many more months in isolation from the world she yearned to be part of again. 
During the next year she had many more complications and still at a few weeks from thirteen isn’t at a full one hundred percent yet, but she is the most determined girl I have ever known.

 For my niece and all those other children out there that have had to or have to battle every day to live healthy I am going to donate $1 for each copy of Salvation that is bought—during the months of November and December – and donate it to leukemia research for children.

You can find Salvation HERE
Also at Fictionwise, Amazon and many other places on line.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

For fun

I put this in my November Newsletter, along with another similar quest, but much more serious than this one.
I'll start with this one and later this week I'll post the other one on my blog.

For those of you that recognize NaNoWriMo—you know what the month of November means to a writer—if you’re thinking ‘What is NaNo?’ then let me explain.

NA tional NO vel WRI ting MO nth

That’s right, one month of the year writers from all over the world hide away in their favourite writing cave and try for 50,000 words in 30 days!
It’s not all published writers by any means, each year there are more and more new people jumping on board the in-sanity of aching hands, stiff necks and exhausted brains. There are people from Canada, USA, Israel, Europe, Russia … basically world wide. In 2009 over 165,000 joined up towards this goal we all had in common.
There are no fabulous prizes, except knowing that you reached that 50,000 word count.
My release in September—Mystic Perceptions was the novel I wrote in 2008 for NaNo, of course the state it was in by day 30 is nothing similar to what you read between the pages today, many months of typo repair and editing had to happen to it before publishing.
Today I decided to do something to help the Office of Let-ters and Light (the people that organize NaNoWriMo and many other events, including the young writers program) I want to make a donation (which is the only way they afford to do this) to do my part to continue the world getting to-gether to write.
So, for the month of November for each copy (e or print) of Mystic Perceptions that is bought I will donate $1 to the cause of keeping this event going.
I know it’s not an awe inspiring amount, but I do like to eat from time to time as well.

You can find Mystic Perceptions at CLASS ACT BOOKS
or from a list on my website 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are we there yet?

That is seriously the question that has filled my
mind all day long!   I'm doing a shift that I rarely
do at the cafe - the bake shift, so I am seeing 
4am as a wake up time when I'm used to thinking 
about sleeping around that time.  
Which proves to me once more the whole 
manager gig is not what most think it is.

Despite my days and nights being backwards I'm 
still plugging away at NaNo, I'll get a progress 
counter up here in the next few days.

On the weekend when I'm not working the wrong 
end of the day I'll be posting some of the pieces 
I put in this months news letter.

But before I get there I still have a few stops left
on my Salvation Blog Tour.

Thursday its The Cozy Page where I'm talking about
my dream of writing and how I got this far.
Stop over and be sure to leave a comment to
be entered in the draw 

Friday I'm over at Cherry Mischievous's blog 
talking about curses.

I hope to see you there!  And please forgive me
if I'm not making all that much sense, by the time
I come home from work my body thinks it's night
now and I still have hours of my other work to do.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Chill !

Normally "Halloween Chill" would mean scary
things - in this case I mean Brrr!
We had the house set up last night, our usual
all out decorated haunted deal and the weather
was less than enjoyable.  It snowed off and on all
day ... it was minus two out while I was trying not
to shiver when standing in the grave yard on our
front lawn.
The trick or treaters didn't seem to notice the cold,
so that makes my frozen toes worth it.

Here are a few pictures...

My son Jared

My son Jevin
that's a real person - Jeff

The witch of the house (me!)

Stop by and see how the idea for Salvation began.

Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered
in the draw for a tote full of pirate trinkets and

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things going on

Today brings several tid bits to announce.
First, my newsletter is finished - and even a
few days early!  
Send me an email jacq.paige (at)
with newsletter in the subject to sign up or
go to my website and download it 

Second, the winner of my random monthly
draw is : Jennifer Mathis
so if your out there, give me a shout and email
so I can send you a copy of Mystic Perceptions

And last for today, I'm taking part in the LASR
Halloween Scavenger Hunt today and tomorrow -
almost 100 fantastic paranormal authors are taking part 
in this!!  There's a $50 Barnes and Noble gift certificate
along with hundreds of other prizes donated.
Jump over and get started on the hunt!!

(Click the ghost to get there)

See you at the finish!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

At the Phantom Paragrapher Blog

Just click the pic to go there

Friday's blog tour stop for me is over at the 
Phantom Paragrapher Blog where I answered
the question I have been asked the most since my
very first book was published.
Why e-books?

Stop over and find out my reasons for jumping on
this fast growing industry.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

At Peony's Pleasure Cafe

I'm over at Peony's Pleasure Cafe being interviewed..
I was faced with questions that made me have to 
sit back and really think about myself to find the

Stop over and give me a shout to be entered in the
tour draw.  
Just click on the picture to go there.

Don't forget to drop around tomorrow to see who is
the winner of my October draw.
The prize will be ... well you will have to wait until the
29th to find out that.


Monday, October 25, 2010


It's only Monday and I feel like it should be at least 

The next few weeks are going to be a bit of a race for
me - lets hope I finish in the top ten.

Today was the launch of my Salvation Book Tour over
at the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion. First day and 
Miranda from Salvation has her own cheering section, and
knowing the trouble that follows her around - she's going to
need it!

The rest of the week for me is lined up solid and by the time
Halloween rolls around (my most favorite thing) I may have
to nap to get through it.

Tuesday (Triple jump!):  1)My weekly blog over at Romancing the Muses
2) I'm interviewing Jareth from Salvation over at Between the Pages
3)Coffee Time Romance 6th Annual Halloween Bash

Wednesday: I'm being interviewed at My Reading Addiction

Thursday: Interview at Peony's Pleasure Cafe

Friday: A guest post over at The Phantom Paragrapher's blog

Saturday/ Sunday : I'm taking part in LASR's Halloween Scavenger Hunt

I hope to see you somewhere during my busy week!!

Join in on the tour and comment at the stops to be entered
in the draw for a tote of pirate trinkets and treasure...
Pop over to the Halloween Bash at CTR for a chance at more prizes from the authors involved...
Join the scavenger hunt at LASR for a chance at a gift certificate and prizes donated by all the participating authors...

I may look like this by Sunday night but it will be worth it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let the tour begin!

Tomorrow my blog tour for Salvation begins!

My first stop is at the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion.

(click the banner to go there)

Stop by and help me get this tour started!!

I'm also happy to announce the white stuff outside has gone away!!
Leni - you commented and you win the copy of Chosen 
- but what you didn't leave was a way for me to contact you.
Send me a message so I can get this to you.

The voting for the Salvation cover ends tomorrow.
Stop by and VOTE now!

See you tomorrow!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

White Halloween?

This morning's wake up call was not what I had planned!
I have a few days off - in a row - and the power was off
before I was ready to be awake - which made news of this
my wake up call from the cafe I manage... 
This is what was outside the window ...

That was the eight foot high shrubs that we 
use to create the scary element in the yard 
for Halloween.
It doesn't look scary now.  I'm not sure if
this is staying - I hope not - I need that bush to
be eight feet tall and bending and twisting in the
A green Christmas I can work with -
A white Halloween?  Not so much!

Seems like a perfect day to sit somewhere
warm and comfy and read (without looking out
the widow) ... I'll share a story with one
random commenter so they can read too.

I've put together a short that is going to
be written into a full length novel next year.

All that leave a comment today will be
entered in the draw tonight.
Don't forget to follow my blog for more
chances to win in the monthly draw and big
draw at the end of the year.

I'm taking suggestions on how I can
work with this white stuff to create my 
scary ghoul yard for Halloween - if
you have an idea, let me know!

Now I'm off to pray for rain to wash
all this white away.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contests galore!

Salvation's cover has been entered in a
cover contest.
Am I trolling for votes - yes I am.
Please take five and pop over
to vote.

I'll drawing one random follower
next Friday (29th) to win the monthly
draw of one of my books.
Follow my blog and get your name
in the draw for the big prize tote in
December and a monthly draw for a
book in October and November.

Monday the 25th is when my Salvation
blog tour starts, follow along for a chance
to win another tote filled with trinkets and
pirate treasure!!

Here's a excerpt for Salvation:

Setting the linen down, he looked to the clothes again. He had
tried twice to work the jeans and was at a loss. He heard the door
close to the front room of the house. He smiled; Miranda could
show him how to put these odd things on. He grabbed the jeans
and opened the bathroom door.
“Miranda, I am not—” He glanced up from the jeans to see a
woman—not Miranda—standing inside her door but a rather tall,
light-haired woman. He offered her his most charming smile.
“Hello.” She continued to stand there with her jaw dropped open
and her eyes huge. He was uncertain what he was to say as to
why he was standing in Miranda’s home with a small linen cloth
wrapped about his waist.
The door opened behind the silent woman and Miranda came
in. She stopped abruptly and looked up at the woman.
* * * *
 “Jody? When...” She looked over at Jareth standing outside the
bathroom door, jeans hanging from his hand and a white towel—
a small white towel—wrapped around a mouth-watering tight
waist. His chest was bare, beads of water from his hair dripped
down it. Had she ever seen a more tasty set of abs in her life? She
didn’t think so. She worked her way...slowly...up to his face to see
he knew exactly what she was thinking. He winked at her, snapping
her back to the problem at hand. She turned her head back to
her drooling, stunned friend, Jody. “Jody?”
Jody turned with her mouth still hanging open. She shut it
with a snap and looked back over at Jareth.
Randy turned to Jareth. “Could you give us a moment, Jareth?”
He inclined his head, but not before sending her a devilish
look. “Most certainly, little one.” He smiled widely at her gawking

Monday, October 18, 2010

Random phone pics!

I have few 'hobbies' now in my busy life, 
but I've been told recently that taking sky
pictures with my phone (mostly while not driving)
seems to be a hobby for me.

Here are a few of my random phone pics.

Okay now after looking through my phone 
memory ... they may be right.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chat on Sunday

Sunday I will be at the Romance Lives Forever
group from 6-8 pm (Eastern) for my very first
chat.  I've been to many chats with other authors
as a group, but this will be my first attempt as the 
It should be interesting.
During the two hours I'll be discussing my present
books and those to come. I have some free copies
to give away as well as a sneak peak in the form of
a short story that will be written into a full length one
in the future.

Stop by and say hello if you get the chance.
If your not a member of the group, you'll have to
pop in before hand and join up.  It's a fun group 
where the readers out number the authors.

Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Usually when I'm a.w.o.l. for a few days it's due to the
insanity at work.  Not this time, well, it was still insane
at work with the Thanksgiving weekend here, but I
managed to grab a bit of time for writing through it all.

The first book in the Animal Trilogy - Animal Heart is now  

   roughly 90% finished!  The writing part that is, the editing
and proofing before the submission phase is a ways off 
just yet.

Here's a bit about it:

Three women without knowledge of their true heritage...
Three men that have waited for their mate all of their lives...
Hearts and tempers collide with wild passions and animal instincts
in the Animals Trilogy 

I also managed to get some work done on 
The Witch Within
From another new Trilogy - Sisters of Heart
It's still a long way from being near the end, or even the middle, 
but any progress is always a good thing.
I'll post more about this one when I'm a little further into it.  The
Characters haven't quite let me know which direction we're going
to go with just yet.

And finally the plot for After the Silence wouldn't stay out of my
head this past week so I managed to find the time to jot it down and
get a start on it.  Around 1000 words at this point, but the ideas
just keep coming, so I'll be working on this whenever I have a bit
of time to spare (when I'm not supposed to be sleeping).

All in all a great weekend for me!

For the rest of this week I'll be getting ready for the chat
on Sunday.  I put the link in my calendar list, stop by if
you get the chance.  I'll be giving away a few copies of
my books as well as a sneak peak into a future novel in the
form of a short story.

One more pic from one of our weekend run and hides.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Body and mind in two different worlds

My body is here, present and accounted for -
exhausted but still going...
I've been busy since Salvation came out yesterday,
doesn't matter how prepared you think you are - 
you always remember something else to do after
a new release.
I'll be updating my wip counters as well as my
calendar with the latest sometime this weekend.

This is where my mind is ...
can't wait to go back in the spring.
Don't you think this would make a great cover background?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Salvation is here!

is here!

Two centuries of not existing is about to change...
click on cover to go to Eternal Press

I'll be in the Eternal Press chat later today
3:30pm (Eastern)
Stop by for a chance to win a pdf copy
of Salvation!

Lost in a place between living and dying, 
confined to roam endlessly over the same grounds for all eternity and cursed to never be seen again, Jareth wanders through time alone and longing for the sea once more. When he realizes there is one thing he yearns for more than he ever did the sea, he is tossed into a world he is unfamiliar with.
Stuck with a life that never goes her way, Miranda is determined to get at least one thing she wants. When that one thing turns out to be a sexy pirate that lived over two hundred years ago, she finds herself faced with more than one challenge to have him.
Can they break the curse and be together?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A day to catch my breath

With the blog tour finished for Mystic Perceptions
 I have one day to catch my breath and update 
my brain for my next
release, Salvation, tomorrow at Eternal Press.

Don't forget my blog contest is ongoing until December.
Follow my blog for a chance to win the prizes listed
to the right.

Tomorrow I'll be in the Eternal  Press chat - join me
there for a chance to win a free copy of Salvation!
My scheduled time is 3:30pm (Eastern)

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harvest Dreams cover

My favorite part of a new book release is the
final cover.

Once again Bev Haynes from Class Act Books
has done an amazing job!  (thanks again!!)

Harvest Dreams is being released in January.

Happy Tuesday!

Today I need to know what 'extra' ability 
would you like to have? 
Drop by and tell me about it! 

Also today, the new Romancing the Muses
blog launched on the 1st and today is my
first day to post.  

Have a great day!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Drop by Reading, Writing & Stuff That Makes Me Crazy
today for my interview where I get asked some serious questions
that made me think way, way back - my first car, first kiss..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not the break I requested

I finally had two days off in a row - but not
the way I wanted them.  I have been laid up in
bed with ice on my head and a migraine that
won't stop.
These usually are my body's way of saying
"take a break" - but what my body doesn't
know is I don't have time to!
I'm finally able to sit up, so hopefully I will
be able to crawl into work tomorrow.

Enough whining...

Tomorrow I'm over at Embrace the Shadows
being interviewed for my Mystic Perceptions 
The next weeks schedule is looking to be a rather
full already.
The start of October brings the launch of
Romancing the Muses, I'm up on the 5th.

I have another blog stop on the 5th also.
I'll be at Cate Masters blog.
Don't forget to leave a comment and be 
entered in the draw 

On the 7th is the release of Salvation over
at Eternal Press where there will be a launch party chat
- I'll post the where and when as soon as I know
the final times.

All in all more than enough to keep me busy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tour stop today

Drop by and check out my interview
over at Wendi Zwaduk blog today.

Leave a comment to be entered in the

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moving right along...

I made it through week one of my Mystic Perceptions
blog tour.  The tour it's self was great, met a lot of people
I otherwise wouldn't have along the way.
My only regret is not having enough time to get out and
about the net more.  During my tour I had to work the
entire week, which meant anytime I had a few moments
to spare at work I bolted back to my office to check the
blogs.  My staff laughed at me for taking on even more
than I already do.

I'm looking forward to next week's stops even more now 
and I've also decided I will do a tour again near the end
of October after Salvation is released. 

On other writing matters, despite my crazy week at work
and keeping up with the blog tour I managed to get some
new writing done.  (I'll sleep in my next life)
The Witch Within is now nearing the 10,000 word mark
and so far my characters are delighting me by changing
the plot I had in mind.
Animal Heart is hopefully nearing the end (as long as I don't
go back and change it again) at 67,000 words.  
With Mystic Perceptions out, it gave me a renewed energy
to finish the second story in the trilogy.  Dream Visions is
almost finished (51,000 words), I'm just changing a few 
events in it and then I'll start the long process of getting it 
polished up to submit.

Here's a new excerpt from Mystic Perceptions for everyone!

Quickly, she waved over to Brent. “See you tomorrow--
have a good night.” And walked quickly out the door.
Slowly Brent turned to him. “Does that strike you as
odd at all?”
“What?” Brent studied him. “Who are you and where
have you put my partner?” He shook his head. “She’s
determined to publish her profile. You pretty much lay
down the law and she smiles and waves?”
Suddenly it dawned on him. Reid glanced at the door
she’d gone through then back at his partner. “Shit.” He had
to stop letting her distract him.
Pointing at him, Brent grinned. “Now you’re back.”
Grabbing his jacket off the chair, Reid shrugged into it.
“She’s gone to her office to do just that.”
“Good guess, Sherlock.”
Reid threw him a glare. “She is not going to use herself
as bait.” He started walking towards the door.
“So were you?”
Stopping, he gave his partner a confused look. “Was I?”
“Kissing her in the closet?”
He shrugged. “We’re working with her.”
“Yes, we are.” With a bland look on his face, Brent put
his hands in his pockets.
Reid stood there looking at him for a few seconds then
smirked as he turned, walking out the door. He ignored the
laughing. If he hurried he could get there before she had
time to do something stupid.


Standing beside the desk, she watched Sandy type.
“Those are my interests and hobbies?” She grinned as she
went over to the small refrigerator and pulled out two
bottles of water. “I don’t even know what a few of those
are--can’t we at least tone it down a bit so if I have to reply
to any messages I know what I’m writing?”
Sandy laughed and pushed the chair back from the
desk. Taking the bottle of water , she tapped the cap with a
manicured fingernail. “You’ll do fine. You don’t have to be
this person, just fake it for a while.” She opened the cap
then grinned at Jac across the desk. “So how rich are we
going to make you?”
“I’d say dirt poor,” a too-familiar voice said quietly.
Jac was jolted and turned towards the door.
Reid grinned at them. “Ladies--I was in the
neighborhood, thought I’d stop in and say hi.”
“We were just…” She hoped he couldn’t hear how fast
her heart was beating.
“Being rebellious?” Walking around, he looked at the
computer screen then grinned at Sandy, who sat there
looking guilty. “Doctor Gains.”

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where am I today?

Today I'm being interviewed over at From the
  Leave a comment and be
entered in the draw at the end of the tour.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Contests everywhere!

I've been interviewed today by Sherry Gloag
on her blog The Heart of Romance.
Stop by and leave a comment and not only will 
you be entered in my blog tour draw, but you will
also be entered in Sherry's draw for a copy of her
upcoming release The Brat

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another stop

The next stop on my 
Mystic Perceptions tour is at 
Elaine Cantrell's blog

Stop by and be sure to leave a comment to be
entered in the draw for a Mystic Perceptions tote
stuffed with goodies.

Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Two great blogs in one day!

Today I'm being interviewed at two great blogs.


I'll be talking about my new release
Mystic Perceptions, as well as 
a few other projects I have going.

Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

And I'm back

The weekend went by far too quickly!

I actually behaved and took a complete 
break - there was no writing or plotting.
I briefly checked my email via my cell phone 
three times and that was it!

Now it's back to work for me.  The galley for
Salvation awaits me in my inbox and of course
I start my Mystic Perceptions blog tour in the

I almost didn't come back.  Here is what I
woke to the last few days.  Would you want
to come back to reality??

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book I is out

Mystic Perceptions, the first book in the Hidden Senses
Trilogy was released yesterday.
You can find it at Class Act Books in several
formats, including paperback.

I'll be running for the car tomorrow for 
a nice quiet three day retreat to a
cabin on a lake up North (I will probably
have to be dragged out when it comes time
to leave) so I'll be back on Monday
when my Mystic Perceptions blog tour 
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mystic Perceptions excerpt

With Mystic Perceptions coming out on Wednesday
I thought I'd post another excerpt.

Brent just sat there and looked at her. Reid stifled a
sigh. They were pulling his leg, right? This was a joke of
some kind. When she continued to stand there, without so
much as a smirk, he frowned over at his partner. Reid shook
his head in disbelief.
“It can’t be paper or clothing,” Jac said quietly.
Brent reached into his shirt, pulling out his chain and
pendant. Lifting it over his head, he handed it to the crazy
woman standing there, patiently holding her hand out at
Reid gave her a ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ look when
she stepped in front of him. When she continued to stand
there, looking at him impatiently, he leaned back and pulled
his keys out of his pocket. Working the pendant off the ring,
he handed it to her and leaned back again. He knew his
blood pressure was going to spike shortly if they didn’t stop
screwing around, then he was going to start yelling.
Sandy sat down behind Jac. “Ready?”
“Yeah.” Jac held up her hand, palm up. When the
doctor lowered Brent’s chain into it, Jac closed her hand
around it and she took a few deep breaths as if she was
trying to find some focus.
Reid knew Brent was waiting for them to say “Gotcha!”
too. When he heard Jac laugh softly, he figured it was now.
Jac shook her head. “Really, Sandy--next time please
specify something they weren’t wearing during sex.” She
grinned. “Cute blonde, though Brent; love the lady bug tattoo.”