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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are we there yet?

That is seriously the question that has filled my
mind all day long!   I'm doing a shift that I rarely
do at the cafe - the bake shift, so I am seeing 
4am as a wake up time when I'm used to thinking 
about sleeping around that time.  
Which proves to me once more the whole 
manager gig is not what most think it is.

Despite my days and nights being backwards I'm 
still plugging away at NaNo, I'll get a progress 
counter up here in the next few days.

On the weekend when I'm not working the wrong 
end of the day I'll be posting some of the pieces 
I put in this months news letter.

But before I get there I still have a few stops left
on my Salvation Blog Tour.

Thursday its The Cozy Page where I'm talking about
my dream of writing and how I got this far.
Stop over and be sure to leave a comment to
be entered in the draw 

Friday I'm over at Cherry Mischievous's blog 
talking about curses.

I hope to see you there!  And please forgive me
if I'm not making all that much sense, by the time
I come home from work my body thinks it's night
now and I still have hours of my other work to do.

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