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Sunday, November 7, 2010

For fun

I put this in my November Newsletter, along with another similar quest, but much more serious than this one.
I'll start with this one and later this week I'll post the other one on my blog.

For those of you that recognize NaNoWriMo—you know what the month of November means to a writer—if you’re thinking ‘What is NaNo?’ then let me explain.

NA tional NO vel WRI ting MO nth

That’s right, one month of the year writers from all over the world hide away in their favourite writing cave and try for 50,000 words in 30 days!
It’s not all published writers by any means, each year there are more and more new people jumping on board the in-sanity of aching hands, stiff necks and exhausted brains. There are people from Canada, USA, Israel, Europe, Russia … basically world wide. In 2009 over 165,000 joined up towards this goal we all had in common.
There are no fabulous prizes, except knowing that you reached that 50,000 word count.
My release in September—Mystic Perceptions was the novel I wrote in 2008 for NaNo, of course the state it was in by day 30 is nothing similar to what you read between the pages today, many months of typo repair and editing had to happen to it before publishing.
Today I decided to do something to help the Office of Let-ters and Light (the people that organize NaNoWriMo and many other events, including the young writers program) I want to make a donation (which is the only way they afford to do this) to do my part to continue the world getting to-gether to write.
So, for the month of November for each copy (e or print) of Mystic Perceptions that is bought I will donate $1 to the cause of keeping this event going.
I know it’s not an awe inspiring amount, but I do like to eat from time to time as well.

You can find Mystic Perceptions at CLASS ACT BOOKS
or from a list on my website 

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