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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Chill !

Normally "Halloween Chill" would mean scary
things - in this case I mean Brrr!
We had the house set up last night, our usual
all out decorated haunted deal and the weather
was less than enjoyable.  It snowed off and on all
day ... it was minus two out while I was trying not
to shiver when standing in the grave yard on our
front lawn.
The trick or treaters didn't seem to notice the cold,
so that makes my frozen toes worth it.

Here are a few pictures...

My son Jared

My son Jevin
that's a real person - Jeff

The witch of the house (me!)

Stop by and see how the idea for Salvation began.

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  1. Your place looked scary for sure! Fantastic! Too bad my son is past the candy phase, I feel like I missed out this year.

    You make a beautiful witch, by the way!

  2. Most of my kids are beyond the candy phase which is why they were part of the set up this year.

    Thanks! I wouldn't say beautiful, I even had a red nose from the cold. lol

  3. The costumes look amazing! Hope you guys had a fun time :)


  4. im so last comenting lol i have to say I love the uniqunes sof ur kids names andddd the set up looked so fun