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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stop by Tomorrow

Stop by tomorrow for an interview with
author of the Deadtown Series, Nancy Holzner.


On the news front, I have a month long
tour coming up for both Dreams and Curses

The October Newsletter is also up

Dreams is now available in print!

And because today is Thursday as in Excerpt Thursday and I've remembered that it is..
Here's an excerpt from the third story in Dreams - After the Dream

“Okay.”  Tess tried not to think about being in here in the dark.  “What’s ten feet?”
“This comes out ten feet up in the air.  Dom’s working his way up to it, or was until I told him about the grate, he’s gone back to the truck to get something to get through it.”
Her throat suddenly felt tight.  “How long?”
“Few minutes. Can you zap us out of here?”
She fought the panic that started with her chest tightening.  “No. I still can’t feel it.  I don’t know if I can do much longer, Brody.” His body moved closer to hers.
“Hey, I’m right here.  We got this, Tess.” 
His breath brushed up against her cheek, making her realize how close he was now.  “I’m trying. As long as I was moving I was distracted and didn’t think about it, but now . . .” she felt his breath against her mouth.  Where the idea came from she’d figure out later.  “Distract me,” she whispered, her lips brushing against his.  Before she could think about it any further she kissed him quickly.  He didn’t pause for a second before his mouth covered hers in a rough kiss.  Heat replaced the fear she was feeling as his hard mouth took control over her own and demanded she focus only on him.
With a growl he lifted his mouth from hers long enough to pull her tight into his body and roll to his back. One hand grasped the back of her head as his other slid down over her hip to press her body into his.  When his mouth attacked hers again, she could only kiss him back with the same fevered movement.  She didn’t care then where they were, only the feel of his hard body beneath hers and the wicked things his tongue was doing to hers.  Lifting her mouth, she drew in a breath but before she could find his mouth again, his lips moved down over her throat until he found that sensitive spot that turned her bones into mush.  Gasping, she gripped his hair and held onto him.
With a groan, he dropped his head and moved his hand away from her.  She wasn’t sure what he was doing until he cleared his throat.  “Yeah, got it.”  Reaching down he depressed the switch and let out a slow breath.  “Dom will be up here in about two minutes.”
Where they were and what they were supposed to be doing rushed back at her.  “Oh.”  Lifting away from the heat of his body, she moved back to lie on her side in the tiny space.  She listened to how hard he was breathing and thought he may have cursed a few times under his breath, but she couldn’t be sure with how loud her own breathing was.
Brody moved around onto his side and placed his mouth right beside her ear.  “This isn’t finished, Tessa.”
It sounded like a warning more than a statement.  Keeping her voice quiet so Dom wouldn’t hear if he was near the top she leaned her face into his throat.  “We work together. . .”
“And so do Dom and Jenn.”
“They have that mind connection—we don’t . . .”
“Oh, we have a connection.” He grasped her hip and ground his still hard body into hers.  “It’s just much more on the physical plane.”

Jacqueline Paige

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